Empowering Mothers, Saving Lives

Imagine you’re expecting a child and are overwhelmed with a whirlwind of emotions and a million questions. While you deserve maternal care of the highest standards to address your concerns, the first point of contact, that small hospital down the road, is not always equipped to do justice.

This is the reality for countless mothers in India.

Here’s where the incredible Manyata Program steps in to create an ecosystem of holistic maternal care – an investment that is worth considering.

Manyata: A Neighborhood Champion for Quality Maternal Care in India

Manyata, supported by MSD for Mothers, is an enabler for small maternity hospitals in Tier 2, 3 cities, and beyond. These hospitals are the frontline fighters, handling 70% of all beds and 88% of ambulatory care in the private sector. But often, they’re stretched thin, with limited resources and staff training. Manyata empowers these hospitals to build their capacities on evidence-based protocols and raise their standards of maternal care so that no woman dies while giving birth. 

The Manyata Impact Stories

Meet Rani, a young nurse at a bustling private maternity hospital. Rani always had a passion for helping mothers, but juggling a heavy patient load leaves her feeling overwhelmed. Manyata’s training modules equipped her with the latest evidence-based practices, giving her the confidence to manage complications. Now, Rani feels empowered to deliver quality and respectful maternity care.

Manyata’s impact is real, and this is evident through many such stories. By building capacity on 16 evidence-based clinical standards based on WHO quality care benchmarks, the program ensures every expecting mother receives safe, consistent, and respectful care during her pregnancy and beyond.  

What are we working with?

Within India’s healthcare ecosystem, issues like accessibility and affordability are reducing, but providing quality care often remains a challenge. Small private owners are playing an important role as catalyzers to address the existing challenges.


Improving the Quality and Economics (interlinked) of small hospitals through a Standardized Quality Improvement Program and, support to save costs and increase income.


Padmavati's safe journey to motherhood
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Dr Aruna Khalko
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Investing in Manyata: A Ripple Effect of Change

When a mother is healthy and has a safe, high-quality delivery, we set the foundation for children, families, communities, and societies to thrive for generations to come. With your investment, Manyata can intensify this and create a ripple effect that transcends beyond hospitals.

India’s Manyata Program invites investors to join the quality movement

Scale existing QI Program

  • $2,000/hospital unit
  • Result-Based Financing
  • Total requirement 2500 units

Fund QI startups for faster QI delivery

  • $50K/ service provider
  • Returnable grant
  • Total requirement 10 units
Climate-proof hospitals Reduce utilities (power, water, and waste), prepare for local climate impacts (e.g., heat), and train staff for climate scenarios.

  • $5000 per hospital unit
  • Grant using a Result-Based Financing approach
  • Total requirement 100 units

Invest in small private hospitals to offer primary care in their catchment areas (serving a 50k-100k population)

  • Initial grant of $50K/hospital unit with potential for turning into a profitable social enterprise with the first call on debt/equity
  • Total requirement 25 units

Support small hospitals with key services (fintech, medtech, and procurement) for cost reduction & quality improvement

  • Initial grant of $500K with potential for turning into a profitable social enterprise with the first call on debt/equity
  • Empower FOGSI to improve quality assessments, generate program demand, & run continuous improvement circles
  • Grant – $500K/per year

Before you leave

Investing in the quality of services in hospitals improves women’s health, creates livelihoods, and prepares for climate change.

Proven impact; low discovery costs and risks:

  • Manyata scaled up to 2,400+ hospitals, 3.4 million safe deliveries; evaluated externally
  • Improves women’s health; supports primary care, livelihoods, and localization
  • Potential to offset the impact of climate change

Optimized for rapid scaling:

  • Mature program; tech-enabled and optimized processes with ready-made assets for scaling in place
  • Only 5% of hospitals have vast potential for expansion

High social return:

  • The Low-cost, Results-Based Financing (RBF) model minimizes investment, reduces costs, and increases social returns

Join the Movement: Be a Champion for Mothers

Manyata isn’t just a program, it’s a movement for a healthier India, one mother, one baby at a time. Together, let’s bridge the gap and ensure every mother has access to quality care. Invest in Manyata today and be part of the change.

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