Terms & Conditions

As the enrolling user, I wish to thank FOGSI for providing me with an opportunity to participate in the Manyata Program for improving quality of maternity services.

Our team has gone through the information pack related to Manyata program and has had discussions with the FOGSI-National Program Management Unit (NPMU)/FOGSI local chapter/respective Quality Improvement (QI) hub and Jhpiego teams and is fully aware of the components of the program. We congratulate FOGSI for taking this initiative to support the private maternity homes/centers/hospitals in improving quality of care for maternity services. We understand that as a part of this overall quality management initiative, FOGSI-NPMU along with local QI hubs will lead the process of quality improvement and support to our facility and lead the process of applications, assessment, and certification of quality of services without any influence from any stakeholders.

We are fully committed to perform all necessary actions under the guidance of FOGSI-NPMU/ Jhpiego/ local QI Hub representatives to ensure that our facility complies with all the clinical standards prescribed by the FOGSI. Specifically, we commit all necessary actions for ensuring the following: (Add time bound support for 6 months)

  • Ensuring that our staff, managers, and clinicians are available for any training or capacity building programs organized by FOGSI/Jhpiego/QI Hub /organizations recommended by FOGSI for helping improve compliance to FOGSI standards. Ensuring that we would also take the capacity building process forward in our facility.
  • Providing access to the representatives of FOGSI/Jhpiego/QI Hub to our facilities and staff to help them improve quality of services in compliance with FOGSI standards.
  • Ensuring coordination with FOGSI/Jhpiego/QI hub for timely completion of the mentoring and support visits for capacity building and quality improvement
  • Ensuring all the relevant deliverables from our side as per the program implementation schedule are met in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Will ensure that facility registers itself on Manyata website and keep its profile and progress on various deliverables updated.
  • Will maintain a Dashboard of indicators and will regularly review the same and share with FOGSI/Jhpiego/QI Hub
  • Will share Monthly Program report with FOGSI/Jhpiego/QI Hub for program implementation and strengthening
  • Ensuring any other relevant recommendations from FOGSI/Jhpiego/QI Hub as per the concurrent program learning are implemented to ensure our facility is prepared for Manyata certification.
  • Will coordinate with FOGSI-NPMU/Jhpiego/external assessors as recommended by FOGSI for the final Manyata assessment and certification
  • We also agree to pay FOGSI a sum of Rs. 10,000 as participation fee for this quality improvement support at the beginning of the program. Further we agree that our continued association with this program is contingent upon us ensuring compliance to the above-mentioned actions.