Maternity Patient Care Training: Ensuring Safe and Compassionate Maternal Health

Of all our inheritance, let’s be most focused on the inheritance of good health. It all starts with a mother—she’s the beginning of a much bigger story.

Newborn Care Services - Ensuring Baby's Health and Well-being


Ensure all women have access to safer and respectful care during and after childbirth in India.
Quality Maternity Care Training - Empowering Healthier Mothers


Improve quality of maternity and newborn care services in private facilities by training doctors, nursing and administrative staff on essential clinical, facility and patient care protocols.

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Manyata is a quality improvement and certification initiative offered by Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) for private facilities providing maternal care.

The certification acts as a stamp of quality ensuring consistent, safe and respectful maternal care for women during and immediately after childbirth.


Eligibility Criteria

Any private healthcare facility that provides maternal and newborn care services and is registered with the local authority

What are the benefits

of becoming a Manyata-certified provider?

Builds confident and capable teams
Ensures competitive advantage over non-certified peers
Ensures access to quality certified peer network
Offers a better chance at availing insurance benefits in future
Ensures quality improvement
Provides protection against medico-legal cases

Journey to Quality Maternal Care

As a private facility offering maternal care services, here are the five stages that will help you in achieving certification.

Manyata Clinical Standards

  1. Provider screens for key clinical conditions that may lead to complications during pregnancy. (To be verified only among booked cases)
  2. Provider prepares for safe care during delivery (to be checked every day)
  3. Provider assesses all pregnant women at admission
  4. Providers conducts PV examination appropriately
  5. Provider monitors the progress of labor appropriately
  6. Provider ensures respectful and supportive care
  7. Provider assists the pregnant woman to have a safe and clean birth
  8. Provider conducts a rapid initial assessment and performs immediate newborn care (if baby cried immediately)
  9. Provider performs Active Management of Third Stage of Labor (AMTSL)
  10. Provider identifies and manages Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)
  11. Provider identifies and manages severe Pre-eclampsia/Eclampsia (PE/E)
  12. Provider performs newborn resuscitation if baby does not cry immediately after birth
  13. Provider ensures care of newborn with small size at birth
  14. The facility adheres to universal infection prevention protocols
  15. Provider ensures adequate postpartum care package is offered to the mother and baby – at discharge
  16. Provider reviews clinical practices related to C-section at regular intervals

Manyata Facility Standards

  1. The facility provides curative & RMNCH services
  2. The facility has safe secure infrastructure for delivery of assured services, as per the prevalent norm
  3. The facility provides information to care seekers, attendants, community about the available services
  4. The facility has equipment & instruments required for assured list of services and has programme for maintenance and calibration of Equipment
  5. The facility has procedures for storage, inventory management and dispensing of drugs and procedures for safe drug administration
  6. The facility has defined and established procedures for nursing care, and for informing patients about the medical condition, and involving them in treatment
  7. The facility has defined and established procedures for maintaining, updating of patients’ clinical records and their storage
  8. The facility has adequate qualified and trained staff, required for providing the assured services to the current case load, defined procedure for Trainings, refresher training and a procedure for assessment of Clinical competence of staff
  9. The facility attempts to improve quality and measures Clinical Care & Safety, Service Quality Indicators Periodically
  10. The facility has established procedures for preoperative assessment, preparation and monitoring of the patients during surgery and anaesthesia